Our Special Skills

O'Brien & Associates, Inc. provides a wide range of assessment and consulting services. We are experts in developing Corporate University offerings and specially designed training programs for clients. We also design tailor made 360 degree feedback programs for clients and help in the identification and coaching of top talent. We have been deeply involved in working with key clients around the thorny challenges of succession planning and implementation.

Nonetheless, we consider our special expertise is in three areas:

  • Forthright, hard-hitting candidate assessment
  • Coaching that accelerates the development of highly talented leaders
  • Orchestrating - in collaboration with key decision makers - companywide business transitions


Candidate Assessment

We understand that job fit is much more than a matter of raw intelligence and social skills. We work to understand the cultural character of companies so we can fit candidates to the particular setting in which they will work. This is the best way to maximize their chances to succeed. Our objective testing, rich business experience and critical eye helps organizations make better decisions about people. Too often decision makers are influenced by charming or glib individuals who turn out to be unfortunate hires.

Talent Development

We recognize that much of the advice people get is useless. Each of us is a unique individual and process ideas and information in our own way. Often the more others try to help us, the more they muddy the waters. Our approach to coaching is built on the significant body of psychological literature regarding how people actually embrace and implement change in their lives. We work with clients to build trust, to help them think more clearly about themselves and their situation and to resolve the ambivalence they often feel about embarking on important personal or behavioral changes.

Orchestrating Organizational Change

The path of organizational transitions is strewn with examples of failure. We've observed how companies are misled into using strategies that seem to offer promise but don't work. We are older and wiser. We understand what strategies and approaches offer promise and which strategies do not. We recognize that all organizational change arises out of the company's culture and history and that one who ignores this reality does so to his/her peril. We know how to turn old success patterns into new ways of thinking and acting. If you need a gnarled veteran of the change wars to help your company, call us.